Heroes Are Among Us


By Jasmine Turner

“Our local BBBs are on-the-ground, looking out for consumers…”

Indiana’s Attorney General, Greg Zoeller, is a superconsumer of sorts. He protects consumers, abides by court decisions, honors the legislative and executive branches of government, and serves the people. Having so much power and responsibility is tough, but when it’s time to make a hard-hitting decision, there is one organization that Zoeller depends on Better Business Bureau (BBB). He says, “The Better Business Bureau is a critical partner to the Office of the Attorney General.” Protecting consumers from deceptive and predatory business practices is not an easy task, and the burden falls on multiple shoulders. Individuals who voice their experiences with businesses and credible government and nongovernment organizations must work together to create a safer consumer marketplace.

Zoeller says, “With BBB, consumers have a trusted place to turn to when they have questions about fraud or need reliable information about businesses. Our local BBBs are on-the-ground, looking out for consumers and spotting local trends so that Hoosiers can make informed decisions in the marketplace. I am grateful to know there are organizations like BBB that will help set standards for businesses and protect Hoosier consumers.”

As a modern-day consumer advocate, Zoeller leverages BBB resources to create and maintain an ethical marketplace for all. “Time and again BBB has helped support and bolster a key mission of the Attorney General’s Office to protect and educate consumers.”

Both individual consumers and superconsumers like Zoeller look to BBB for high standards and expert advice to guide them in resolving difficulties and fostering a climate of trust in the marketplace.

They go unnoticed, and recognition is not their agenda. They are everyday heroes who are driven by their ability to change circumstances, redirect lives, or simply put a smile on a face to help create and maintain an ethical marketplace. 

Throughout its 104-year existence, BBB has been an integral part of many communities by serving as a hero to consumers in their time of need. We’re asking you, our consumers, to submit a story about a time when BBB served as your hero, similar to the story featured here.

We will highlight submitted stories in the next issue of TRUSTED. Submissions can be short or long and ideally should not exceed 500 words in length. If interested, please submit your story to brand@council.bbb.org. We look forward to reading your submissions!