Calling All Heroes


When I was a teenager, I purchased a radio from a store and the radio was defective. The store would not exchange or refund my money. I contacted Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they resolved the problem quickly. As a 16-year old, that was a big deal for me and I have never forgotten what you all did for me, even now at age 54.” 

– Anonymous

They go unnoticed and recognition is not their agenda. Instead, they are driven and motivated to help create and maintain an ethical marketplace.

They are uplifted by their unique ability to change circumstances, redirect lives or just place a smile on a face that needed it. They are everyday men and women sacrificing their own personal concerns for the greater good. They are your everyday heroes. They are the men and women who work for BBB.

Throughout its 104-year existence, BBB has been an integral part of many communities by serving as a “hero” to consumers in their time of need.

We’re asking you, our consumers, to submit a story about a time BBB served as your “hero”, similar to the excerpt below. We will highlight submitted stories in the next issue of TRUSTED. Submissions can be short or long and ideally should not exceed 500 words in length. If interested, please submit your story to

We look forward to reading your submissions!